All About Social Media News Releases

A social media news release is just like a traditional news release, except it is also social media and Web 2.0 optimized. In short, this type of news release encourages interactivity, is easily shared in the social Web, and contains other Web 2.0 elements.

Generally, these elements include:

If you or your business produce online or email press releases on a regular basis, you should be using, and therefore benefiting from, social media news releases. Like everything else on the Internet today, there is an expectation that content will be interactive, easily shared, and will offer sources to similar information. If your news releases do not live up to these expectations, it may hurt your chances for major media coverage. It’s easy to create your own social media releases, or you can use a service like PRWeb. And, since a social media news release is just a traditional release with added elements, you do not need to change your present format, just include some additional sections. These added elements include:

Check out some social media news release examples here:


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