Social Media Tip of the Day: Assess your widget usage

Social Media Tip of the DayIt can be tempting to use many widgets on your blog or Website “just because you can” – but that may not be the best plan…

The widgets and badges you place on your site should be part of your overall social media strategy. They should be in line with specific objectives, for instance:

Create your own objectives based on your strategy to assess whether a widget or badge is necessary. Sites can start to look cluttered with too many widgets.


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Deltina Hay is the author of the critically acclaimed book, A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization. The second edition of her book, renamed The Social Media Survival Guide, will be released in spring 2011. Learn more about Deltina, her books, and her availability for speaking engagements at You may also enjoy listening to Deltina’s video tutorial series on YouTube: The Internet Empowerment Series.

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