Social Media Tip of the Day: Nimble for Social CRM

Paul Gillin

by Paul Gillin

We hear a lot of talk about social CRM, and here’s a tool that shows the concept in action.

Nimble was created by Jon Ferrara, founder of the legendary GoldMine sales automation software. After selling the company and taking several years off, he is back with a CRM tool that makes social connections an essential part of the contact management equation.

With Nimble, you can import your address book, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts into a single record and associate people’s activities in those networks – as well as Twitter and your inbox – in a single place. So if you’re making a call on a prospect or customer, you can quickly consult the personal or company record to find out what’s been happening in their lives or careers.

Nimble still needs work – for example, you can’t automatically import contact information from e-mail messages – but it’s steadily improving. Recently updated features now automatically discover a contact’s social media accounts and even create an integrated news feed so you can see what all of your contacts are saying across all platforms. This is where I think social CRM has power. It can give you insights that lead to better engagement.

Nimble is free to individual users; there’s a charge for corporate licenses. I’ve never used CRM software before, but I think I’m going to start.


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Paul Gillin is a writer, speaker and business adviser who specializes in the strategic use of social media. Since 2005, he has written four books and published more than 130 articles about the changes in markets and society being driven by media democratization. His books include , The New Influencers, Secrets of Social Media Marketing and Social Marketing to the Business Customer. Paul writes the monthly New Channels column for BtoB Magazine. He is a research fellow at the Society for New Communications Research and serves on the Procter & Gamble Digital Advisory Board.

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Thank you for sharing our Nimble Social Relationship Manager with your readers. We have a simple idea here at Nimble, Life is Social, Business is Social, People buy from people they like and they like people who KNOW them. You get to know people by listening. In the old days we walked into peoples offices, today we do it electronically. The problem is we do it in 6 different tabs in our browsers and three different apps on our desktops and phones. Nimble connect the streams we are listening to to the people we are connecting with for an individual and a team.

By the way, we do now enable creating a contact record for contacts that sent you an email, tweet, Facebook & LinkedIn messages.

I look forward to your feedback after you have swam the Social River more with Nimble.



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