About Social Media Power

Located in Austin, Texas, Social Media Power is a Web 2.0 development firm that serves entrepreneurs, small businesses, authors, and publishers who are looking to tap into the future of the Internet: the new, live, social Web.

The Social Media Power team is made up of professional Web developers, graphic designers, writers, editors, and proofreaders, which allows them to not only offer means for creating a truly optimized Web presence, but also means for producing all of the professionally written content that their clients may need.

The founders of Social Media Power are Web developers and publishers. These founders know first hand the kind of traffic that social media optimization and marketing can drive to a Web site, as well as the millions of potential customers and readers it can reach. Social Media Power offers ways for their clients to greatly improve their own Web presence using social media and Web 2.0 tools and technologies.

The Social Media Power team will complete a thorough social media optimization analysis and plan for an individual, an individual’s Web site, or a business. They assess their client’s needs based on target audience and business niche, then create a plan and recommend appropriate social media tools and technologies that will establish their client’s presence and improve it over an extended period of time. And, to ensure that their client’s mission and branding are respected throughout the entire process, Social Media Power will work directly with the client’s PR and search engine optimization (SEO) personnel.

The scope of Social Media Power’s services include building and maintaining optimized Web sites, social media newsrooms, and professionally written and edited blogs; optimizing blogs and RSS feeds, regularly submitting RSS feeds and blogs to aggregators, crowd-sourced news sites, and social bookmarking sites; creating custom widgets and applications for placement on social networking sites; recommending advertising and marketing opportunities within social networking and media communities; and establishing a business or personal presence in social networking sites with strict adherence to the business’s established branding, and pro-actively searching these networks for new contacts.

Like SEO, effective social media optimization takes time and a pro-active approach to establishing and maintaining a healthy presence on the social Web, and Social Media Power is the team of experts that can help individuals and businesses accomplish it.

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