Video: Finding Your Feed URLs

Another time-saving strategy to use while streamlining or integrating your Social Web presence is to have all of your RSS feed URLs handy. Most social sites make it easy for you to find your personal feed URL (also called a feed address), while others can be more challenging. Your feed URL lists all your activity [...]


Social Media Tip of the Day: Create an Integration Map

If you have a lot of Social Web accounts, you have probably integrated many of them: pulling feeds from your blog, images from Flickr, videos from YouTube, presentations from Slideshre into Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so forth. This can get out of hand if you don’t keep track of it all. Our tip today is [...]


Chapter 8: Media Communities

Chapter 8 of the book is about media communities. Media communities (like Flickr and YouTube) are social sites where you can save, share, and comment on multimedia items. It is yet another way Internet users have found to connect with one another—by finding similar interests around images and videos. In addition to increasing your exposure [...]