5 cures for social media monotony: Social Media Tips

Social Media Monotony: It was bound to happen. Like all good things we do for our business every day – balance the books, pay the help, return emails, follow up with clients, floss – we know that networking and marketing are necessary to our business’ success. My mantra is: If I am not working, I [...]


Video: Feeding Your Blog Posts to Twitter Using HootSuite

Automatically feeding your blog posts or other RSS feeds to your Twitter stream can save a lot of time and give you peace of mind that your posts are getting extra exposure. HootSuite offers an easy solution to this by allowing you to feed your RSS feed or blog posts to any number of Twitter [...]


Social Media Tip of the Day: Use HootSuite to Manage Your Twitter Accounts

HootSuite is a great tool for managing one or more Twitter accounts. Some of our favorite features include post-dating tweets and importing our RSS feeds. You can also use HootSuite to streamline or integrate many of your other social accounts. About the Author: Deltina Hay is the author of the critically acclaimed book, A Survival [...]