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Chapter 3: RSS Feeds and Blogs

Chapter 3 of the book is about RSS feeds and blogs. This chapter is packed with information and useful tips about content preparation, feed readers, optimization, and much more to ensure maximum exposure in the Social Web. The following excerpts are from A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization: Strategies, Tactics, and [...]


Social Media and Web 2.0 Essentials for Publishers and Authors, Multi-Session Series Class

Social media and Web 2.0 are the present and the future of the Internet. And, now is the time to establish your presence in this new Internet arena! This teleclass series, presented by Deltina Hay and Write Well U, will focus on the essential tools you should implement to create a strong presence in the [...]


Building a Strong and Integrated Social Web Presence presented by Deltina Hay and IBPA

Learn how to build a strong presence on the Social Web without getting overwhelmed with: Building a Strong and Integrated Social Web Presence presented by Deltina Hay This class will show you how to set up and implement essential social media tools like blogs, social networking sites, media communities, and social calendars. Learn how to [...]


Social Media Maven Hosts Workshop at IBPA Conference

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) will host its 25th annual Publishing University event in New York City, the publishing capital of the world. This year’s three day conference is held May 26-28 and record turnout is expected being New York City is a metropolis that radiates publishing ambiance unlike anywhere else. Publishing industry professionals [...]