Paul Gillin


Social Media Tip: The Best Free Software All In One Place

With so much free and “freemium” software available out there, it seems a waste to pay for features you don’t need. That’s why whenever I’m looking for a new application, the first place I stop is TechSupportAlert, also called Gizmo’s Freeware. Started more than a decade ago by a retired Australian IT manager, the site [...]


Social Media Tip of the Day: End PowerPoint Bloat

PowerPoint bloat is a growing problem. As people copy and paste screen grabs and Web images into their presentations, file sizes can grow to 10MB or more. This makes them slow to download, particularly over a mobile connection, and vulnerable to blockage by some mail servers. There are several ways to reduce PowerPoint bloat without [...]


Social Media Tips: Instant Feedback Using Google Forms

A little-known but wonderful feature of Google Documents is its forms capability. You can build reasonably functional surveys and capture results in a spreadsheet. I’m finding value in this feature from both a professional development and marketing perspective. Whenever I present a speech or training class, I send a short form to the attendees asking [...]


Social Media Tip of the Day: Convert a Saved Twitter Stream to Chronological Order

If you’ve ever tried to transcribe a Twitter chat or conversation thread around a particular keyword or hash tag, you know that converting the chain to chronological order can be a real hassle. Whether you copy and paste a thread from Twitter search or a chat-hosting service like Twebevent, the default presentation is reverse-chronological, with [...]