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Social Media Maven Hosts Workshop at IBPA Conference

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) will host its 25th annual Publishing University event in New York City, the publishing capital of the world. This year’s three day conference is held May 26-28 and record turnout is expected being New York City is a metropolis that radiates publishing ambiance unlike anywhere else. Publishing industry professionals [...]


Purpose-Built Pages Explained is a social bookmarking site that allows you to save your favorite Web sites and blogs, comment on them, tag them, and share them with others. When you create your account, the link to your page will look something like this:, where “your.account” is the username you choose when you create your [...]


Top 9 Most Useful WordPress Plugins

We find that each time we install WordPress, we automatically install almost every one of these plugins. Using all of these plugins, one can feel confident that their site will be social media and Web 2.0 optimized; search engine ready; close to spam free; and easily integrated with Flickr and YouTube. Anti-Spam: SEO: [...]


Top Picks: Social Bookmarking Sites

The social or live Web is new territory for many of you. As a result, the sheer numbers of sites and services that are available can seem overwhelming. So, recently, we researched over 50 social bookmarking sites to see which of them we felt would have good staying power on the new, live Web. The [...]