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5 cures for social media monotony: Social Media Tips

Social Media Monotony: It was bound to happen. Like all good things we do for our business every day – balance the books, pay the help, return emails, follow up with clients, floss – we know that networking and marketing are necessary to our business’ success. My mantra is: If I am not working, I [...]


Social Media Tip of the Day: New tool

With so many people on social networking sites today, it is difficult to know who to connect with and how to find them. Though I am still testing the tool myself, seems to have an interesting approach to helping out in this area. From the site: “ isn’t just another social networking site; [...]


Social Media Tip of the Day: Create an Integration Map

If you have a lot of Social Web accounts, you have probably integrated many of them: pulling feeds from your blog, images from Flickr, videos from YouTube, presentations from Slideshre into Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so forth. This can get out of hand if you don’t keep track of it all. Our tip today is [...]


Chapter 6: Social Networking and Microblogging

Chapter 6 of the book focuses on one of the most powerful social media strategies: social networking. These sites are incredibly effective outlets for finding new customers and readers, but if you don’t chose the right strategy, it’s easy to find your message spread thin. Below you’ll find a detailed explanation for creating and optimizing [...]