Social Media Newsrooms

For information on the elements of a Social Media Newsroom, visit this post: What is a social media newsroom?

We build Social Media Newsrooms (SMNRs) using a template designed in WordPress – a CMS platform used in blogging. We use WordPress because it is already equipped with the tools and plugins necessary to build an effective SMNR – like built-in RSS feed capabilities, Technorati tagging, automatic pinging to social bookmarking indexes, etc. Visit our portfolio to explore the social media newsrooms we have built.

We also offer packages for maintaining your newsroom for you once it is built. Although we encourage our clients to learn to maintain their newsrooms themselves, we also realize that not everyone has the time or personnel to do so. We can populate your newsroom with your information, and post news and other items for you, on a price-per basis, or for a monthly fee.

Prices for social media newsrooms run from $750 to $2,000, depending on your needs. The maintenance cost of your newsroom (If you opt not to maintain it yourself.) could be as low as $75 a month, or as high as $500.

Please email us at [email protected] for an estimate.